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Panhua Group Research and Development Center has 2 research bases in General Headquarters and Chongqing Factory. Chongqing R & D base is a municipal enterprise engineering technology research center, also is the only R & D base of automobile sheets in Chongqing. The R & D center has over 1400 square meters structure area with 78 technicians consisting 12 senior technicians and 28 intermediate technicians. The company also has research bases at Chongqing University, Yanshan University, Steel Research Institute, and Heavy Machinery Research Institute. Phd Research station, Research offices, Laboratory, and Product Showroom are also well developed. With the aim to build a national level research center, 30 million RMB Yuan is invested to purchase 30 sets of equipment and the funds are still increasing gradually. The experimental conditions, research abilities and product quality of the R&D center are all in the leading position among other domestic industries.
The center takes 9 subjects from the nation, ministry of Industry, department of Information Technology, Chongqing and Fuling District. Of which, automobile sheets project is the key research project. After several years of research, the center made a series of scientific progress. The results “The Development and Application for Hot-dipped Galvanizing steel sheet energy-saving manufacturing technology” and “The Research and Application for Thermal Diagnostics of Galvanizing Furnace” are being authenticated as the scientific research achievements of Chongqing. Other products like “laminboard pre-painted steel sheets”, “double side pre-painted steel sheets”, and “ultra-precision cold rolled steel sheet” are being authenticated as the high-tech products of Chongqing, “energy saving galvanized steel sheet” is being authenticated as the important high-tech product.
As the leading enterprise of the industry, the R & D center anticipates in the drafting of YB/T4210 industrial standard “Determination and calculation of heat balance of incinerator and solidi­fication furnace for CCL” and YB/T4211 industrial standard “Determination and calculation of heat balance of furnace for CGL” (published). The R & D center is now participating in the drafting of another 3 national standards and 4 industrial standards.

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