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The real estate industry of the company is divided into Jiangsu and Chongqing. Zhangjiagang City Huada Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Zhangjiagang Panhua Real Estate Co., Ltd. have successfully developed several real estate projects, such as "Panhua Grand Garden", "Panhua Square", "Xinghua Grand Garden", and "Panhua international Square".

Chongqing Panhua Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Pangda Real Estate Co., Ltd. purchased 900 mu of land in Lidu area to build high-end commercial residential area "Panghua Future City", 600 mu of land in Shuangdao Lake, Shuangfu, Jiangjin Distric to build “Shuangdao Lake Luxury Vila”. In the future, Panhua Group will build Five-star hotel in both Fuling District and Jiangjin District.
At the moment, Panhua Group has over 5000 mu of land storage to provide guarantees for future real estate development.
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