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Panhua Group owns two river ports, Zhangjiagang Huada Shipping Terminal Co., Ltd.  and Chongqing Panhua Shipping Terminal Co., Ltd.

With the approval from the Ministry of Communications, and Jiangsu Provincial Development & Reform Commission, Zhangjiagang Huada Shipping Terminal was invested with 500 million RMB Yuan as a public port with 5 shipping berths of 10,000 tons capacity each. The full length of the port is 1000 meters and the depth of the quay apron space is 11 meters. The port can accommodate fi­ve 10,000 Tons sea vessels at the same time and the maximum vessel capacity allowed is up to 80,000 Tons.

Huada Shipping Terminal covers an area of 370,000 square meters with facilities build in like warehouses, storage yards, other supporting production and living facilities. The terminal also equipped with ten harbor portal cranes with maximum capacity of 40 Tons. The main functions of the shipping terminal are to load, store and transfer steel, wood and other cargo.
Chongqing Panhua Shipping Terminal is located at Hefeng Beach, Lidu industrial park, Fuling District, Chongqing City. The total investment of this project is 500 million RMB Yuan. Two 3000 Tons (designed for 5000 Tons as well) vertical berths were built in the 1st phase of project and four 5000 Tons slope berths were constructed in the 2nd phase. This port was designed to have annual throughput of 3 million Tons and to equip with supporting producing & living facilities as well. Its main business is to load, unload, store and transfer various bulk cargo. With the corporation of two shipping terminals, the annul throughput combined would be over 20 million tons.
Following the principle of “Sincerity, Efficiency, Quality”, Panuha Group always serves its customers wholeheartedly in term with best satisfaction.

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